A Fair Economy

Restructuring the economy: The restructuring of the Australian economy, with a large for-profit cooperative sector, small-scale private enterprises, and a public sector which includes large-scale key industries.
Decentralising the economy: encouraging localised production of the basic necessities.       Read More …
Full employment: A full employment policy, ensuring sufficient jobs are available for all members of the labour force.
Guaranteed purchasing capacity: The legislation of guaranteed purchasing capacity so that all Australians are able to purchase their minimum requirements, which include water, food, clothing, housing, education, medical care, energy and transportation.
Balanced economic development: The development of a balanced Australian economy, with a sustainable manufacturing sector capable of producing the minimum requirements needed by all Australians.
A limitation on the accumulation of personal wealth: Supporting legislation that sets an upper limit on the amount of wealth a person is able to accumulate.
Banking reform: The formation of a national cooperative bank, and the reorganization of the banking and financial sectors.