An Independent National Identity

A treaty (makarrata): The ratification of a treaty between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the Australian government.
The Uluru Statement from the Heart, for example, released on 26 May 2017 by delegates to the First Nations National Constitution Convention, includes the following:
“We seek constitutional reforms to empower our people and take a rightful place in our own country…
“We call for the establishment of a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution…
“We seek a Makarrata Commission to supervise a process of agreement-making between governments and First Nations and truth-telling about our history.”
In addition, PAM also supports the preservation and use of First Nation languages. For example, as far as possible primary and secondary students who speak a First Nations language should not be required to learn only in English, but should have the opportunity to learn in their First Nation language as well as in English.
An Australian republic: The creation of an Australian republic with an Australian head of state.
A self-reliant foreign policy: The development of an independent and self-reliant foreign policy.
No foreign bases: A prohibition on foreign bases and the stationing of foreign troops on Australian soil, unless Australia is engaged in regional or world war.
100% Australian ownership: 100% Australian ownership and control of all natural resources, farming land, infrastructure and key industries.
         Land ownership:
–  The establishment of a freely accessible, official, national land register and database to create clear definitions of what constitutes ownership or control of land and to keep detailed records of all land tenure and land use information.
–  All Australian land, both urban and rural, should be owned and controlled by Australian citizens or entities incorporated in Australia comprised of Australian citizens.
–  As far as possible, 
1) rural land should be owned and controlled by public or cooperative organizations rather than private individuals or corporations, and 
2) land used for agriculture should be managed by local people as agricultural cooperatives.
–  Land ownership and management should be based on the principle of usufructuary rights, such that non-utilization or under-utilization of land, and misutilization or degradation of land, are grounds to lose the right of land ownership and management.
Natural resources, infrastructure and key industries:
–  Similarly, as far as possible, large-scale producers of natural resources, infrastructure and key industries should be owned and controlled by public organizations or corporations rather than private individuals or corporations, and managed in the public interest.
–  As a general policy, raw materials should not be exported; only goods manufactured from the raw materials should be exported. For example, Australia exports coal and iron ore to China, then imports Chinese steel. Australia should manufacture all its own steel and only export any surplus.
 Of course, Australia should also phase out the use of coal as soon as possible.