Strengthening Social Cohesion

Women’s rights: Supporting economic independence for women and coordinated cooperation with equal rights between men and women, and opposing patriarchy and all forms of violence and exploitation used to suppress women.
Local and regional development: Increasing socio-economic development on the local and regional levels throughout Australia, with emphasis on community and rural development.
This includes:
– Supporting socio-economic decentralisation and local economic development wherever possible.
– Prioritising the employment of local people in local economies.
– Strengthening local communities and encouraging rural development.
– Encouraging the creation of all types of locally-owned manufacturing industries.
– Minimising the importation of goods that can be produced locally.
Mass media: The main means of mass communication, including newspapers, publishing, radio, television and the internet, should not be privately owned but structured by statute as public, cooperative or community enterprises, independent of government, with a charter to inform, entertain and educate, and reflect the diversity of the Australian community. The management of such enterprises should be entrusted to boards of non-political, cultured and ethical educators.
Free education: Free public primary, secondary and tertiary education for all Australian citizens.
A humanitarian criminal justice system: The development of a humanitarian criminal justice system that focuses on reform, rehabilitation, therapeutic treatment and restorative justice rather than punishment.